Kemelyen's Art series
The "Retrofuturista" Art Project is a series of digital (vector), hand painted acrylic Illustrations and Animations on Digital Canvas. The nostalgic TV shows, music, comic books, movies, toys and everyday products from the space are the main inspiration for this project .
Since my childhood, those old and Kitschy Mexican wrestling movies, or Freak Shows at the Amusements parks, caused such big impact and permanent influence in my career as an Artist that since very little I understood that something beautiful not necessarily needs to be pretty, something bizarre or ugly, also has it's intrinsic beauty.
This is an art collection that makes the ugliness pretty and the beauty, pretty-ugly.

* * *
This RETROFUTURISTA Art series has been created by ©Kemelyen.
Kemelyen works as Freelance artist creating Illustrations, Storyboards and 2D animations for  TV ads, video games and 
magazines for several Film Studios, Advertisement agencies, Video game Companies, and Organisations.
If you or your company need a Professional Artist, please visit the link below to check out his commercial jobs.