Kemelyen's Art series
Retrofuturista is a series of vectorial and gouache Illustrations, framed animations, gicleé and serigraph prints.
The concept of this Retrofuturista series has been inspired by the nostalgia of those TV shows, music, comic books, movies, toys and everyday products from the space era.
Old kitschy Mexican movies about wrestling, caused such big impact and permanent influence in my career as an Artist that I became a big fan of this nostalgic kitschiness, these groovy form of art is so good because it is very bizarre.
That's why I consider this beautiful ugliness needs to perdure.
This art collection is for those Beatniks who find beauty in the ugliness, like I do.
When you find beauty in something that is “Pretty-ugly”,  inevitably, you also need to include the stylish eastern European furniture and architecture, as well as lounge music from French, Soviet, Mexican and American movies from the 50’s-60’s.
Lounge or exotic Polynesian music composed by L. G Esquivel or Hugo Montenegro, Uma Sumac, among robots, space ships, aliens, ghosts, monsters, spectres, vampires, and other beauties, also inspired and contributed to the creation of polychromatic themes that keep this collection growing.
In other words, this is an art collection of the already forgotten, or the kitsch that makes the ugliness pretty and the beauty, pretty-ugly.

* * *
This RETROFUTURISTA Art series has been created by ©Kemelyen.
Kemelyen works as Freelance artist creating Illustrations, Storyboards and 2D animations for  TV ads, video games and 
magazines for several Film Studios, Advertisement agencies, Video game Companies, and Organisations.
If you or your company need a Professional Artist, please visit the link below to check out his commercial jobs.

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